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I nostri progetti Internazionali

“Strategies to proMote small scAle hydro electRicity producTion in Europe” is a project of the Province of Cremona – Environment Division, co-financed by the European Commission through the 2006 Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme, which aims at promoting the spread of distributed power generation.

Project, targeted to improve water resource management for a growing renewable energy production.
The three years SEE HYDROPOWER project started on June 2009, financed by the South-East Transnational Cooperation Programme (EU), aims to a sustainable exploitation of water concerning hydropower production in SEE countries, looking up to renewable energy sources development, preserving environmental quality and preventing flood risk.

The purpose of SHARE is to develop, test and promote a decision support system (DSS) to merge, on an unprejudiced base, both river ecosystems and hydropower requirements. The project openly pursues integrated river management aims.

CLARIS Hydroclimate and Society in La Plata Basin - EU FP7 Collaborative Project - Priority Area "Global Change and Ecosystems"
The CLARIS LPB Project aims at predicting the regional climate change impacts on La Plata Basin (LPB) in South America, and at designing adaptation strategies for land-use, agriculture, rural development, hydropower production, river transportation, water resources and ecological systems in wetlands.